The Best Concerts in OC This Weekend

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Warpaint--See Saturday
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Friday, August 8

Alex's Bar
Fartbarf's name rules and everything about them rules- wanna know why? This Los Angeles trio, who call themselves post-neanderthal analogue synthesists, deliver gripping beats and mesmerizing rhythms, all through the use of vintage electronic synthesizers, drum machines and vocoders, among other things. And to top it all off, these fellas perform in matching caveman masks and astronaut outfits making them sights to see (as well as music to hear). Gettin' down is all part of the Fartbarf experience, and your next chance to check em out is tonight at Alex's Bar in Long Beach. (Aimee Murillo)

DJ Dirt Nasty
Ten Nightclub
Yes, Simon, there is life after MTV. One of the most popular VJs of the '90s, Simon Rex found a comfortable level of B-list fame among the young and rich party crowd in the 2000s, landing roles in TV series and several Scary Movie installments. His goofy likability and comedic charm kept him on the list, so to speak, and now, even at 40, he headlines clubs as his alter ego DJ Dirt Nasty. Rex laces humorously cheap dance music with lyrics about sex, drugs, and, actually, that's pretty much it. Celebrating the release of "Polluted," on which he guest raps alongside TJR, Dirt Nasty descends upon Ten Nightclub in Newport tonight. Prepare yourself for some serious ridiculousness. (Erin DeWitt)

Saturday, August 9

The Observatory
Since the release of their debut EP Exquisite Corpse, Warpaint have fully expanded the limits of the quintessential indie rock sound through their experimental mixture of psychedelia, folk, and haunting vocals. The Los Angeles quartet have matched that soulful fervor with two more albums, latest of which is a self-titled album that opens their horizons to combining electronic beats into their already-unique sound. Even with the fresh spin, Warpaint retains the mesmerizing surrealism of albums past and has made them a hot band to keep on your radar. Your chance to dive into the refreshing waters of Warpaint's music is for a one-night engagement at The Observatory. (Aimee Murillo)

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