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Wild Pack of Canaries--See Monday
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Monday, August 25

Wild Pack of Canaries
The Wayfarer
These Long Beach luminaries of sound are helping to change the LBC music scene in no small form; the seven-member group go big in every one of their releases, bringing a variety of eclectic rock influences from psychedelic rock to prog rock to pop punk. But you can't say the group's tuneage sounds consistently the same over time; every release from WPOC brings something new to the table and is bringing OC fans closer and closer to the discover what Long Beach has to offer musically. Expect great things to happen for these fellas, and come thru to support them tonight at The Wayfarer playing with Dustin Lovelis and Highlands. (Aimee Murillo)

Tuesday, August 26

Lee "Scratch" Perry
The Observatory
Some producers use the recording studio as an instrument--Lee "Scratch" Perry used his as a spaceship or maybe a time machine, warping through the fourth dimension to make songs that sounded like they came from a place humans had yet to discover. Of course, Perry's whole career was built on being the first person to go over the edge, and his idiosyncratic vision was fundamental to the development of reggae and dub both. He's cranked out too many classics to list in such a tiny space, and he's still completely Lee, bringing a suitcase full of the four elements to his sessions to better focus his powers--and you can hear the results on his recent Andrew WK-produced (and Anaheim-recorded) Repentance album. Or you can go to this show and experience them in person! (Chris Ziegler)

Murder City Devils
The Glass House
Our favorite ball-busting, electric organ-drenched, sinister-vocaled garage rock band of all time plays an exciting gig at the Glass House this week. A Murder City Devils show is something to grab onto tight when it swings by--the band plays few shows a year (fortunately for us, usually on the West Coast) with new material released only once in the last decade. But Murder City fans are a die-hard sort--we'll wait as long as it takes for a chance to witness the throaty howl of singer Spencer Moody live onstage. They play on Tuesday night, giving us a healthy dose of mayhem before they disappear again into the fog of hometown, Seattle. (Erin DeWitt)

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