The 10 Best Viking Metal Bands

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It's no wonder heavy metal music and themes of Norse mythology and the Vikings go hand in hand for many bands. Obviously, region and cultural heritage is a huge factor, among European and Scandinavian countries, for sure. But something about the raw power, spiritualism, warfare tactics, mysticism, culture and way of life that the Vikings still resonates with modern heavy metal fans. Both can be rabid for their tribes, both are warriors at heart, and both celebrate musical rituals that connect them with the spirits. If the Vikings were around today, in their ancient form, they would be head banging and moshing along with  passionate fans at metal shows.  We now present our list of the 10 Best Viking Metal Bands.

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Swedish death metal doesn't get much better than Unleashed, a band that came to fruition in 1989. Choosing to go against the grain within the extreme metal scene at the time, Unleashed focused many of its songs about early, pre-Christian Norse history and the Vikings. Unleashed has proven to be brutal death metal force over the years, a monstrous musical attack machine that is hellacious, and harmonious at the same time. Brutal, crushing riffs, harsh, deep demonic vocals and blast beats with wild guitar solos all come together for a sound that fits in perfect with Entombed, Bolt Thrower, Deicide and Dismember. Be sure to check out Warrior (1997), Hell's Unleashed (2002) Sworn Allegiance (2004) Midvinterblot (2006), and Oldalheim (2012)

This band is from the Faroe Islands, which lie in the North Atlantic West of Scotland between Iceland and Norway. The band began in 1998, and the name comes from the Norse God of Law and Justice. The music and songs are heavily based in Norwegian or Faroese lore and mythology as well as ancient Nordic ideals of Spirituality, and War. Images and tales of heroic Viking Gods are painted throughout the music, and the band has achieved a multitude of success, especially at home in the Faroe Islands and the surrounding region.

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