Punk Rock Alive & Well at Fullerton's Comic Book Hideout

The Radioactive Chicken Heads rock Comic Book Hideout. Photo by Scott Feinblatt
Radioactive Chicken Heads
Comic Book Hideout

Last night, four local bands crowded into the small, warm performance space of Comic Book Hideout, in Fullerton. It was there, in the presence of their friends, families, and curious comic book readers, that they sweated through their respective sets. The environment was not ideal, yet no one complained because everyone was having a great time. The energy that the musicians put into their performances was raw and bombastic, and it resonated through the crowd. It seems like the only thing that could corrupt a scene like this would be financial success.

Though the venue is not generally known as a hot spot for bands (no pun intended), Comic Book Hideout, which the Weekly named Best Comic Book Store in Orange County, regularly hosts performances and events of varying types (including comedy shows, musical performances, and gaming nights). This and the single couch located in the performance area give the venue a very cozy feeling. Add to this space a bunch of musicians bent on tearing its roof off, and there's a recipe for fun.

Each of the four bands played a variation of punk rock music, and this was very fitting. The whole scene was old school punk. There was no pretension in any of the performers, and they played their hearts out. There was no uniform to be found within the audience or the bands (with the exception of the zany costumes of The Radioactive Chicken Heads). The lyrics were unintelligible throughout most of the performances, but it didn't matter because the sounds were loud and rockin'. Furthermore, the members of each of the other bands not only remained to see their fellow bands perform, but lent hands when another band's mic needed adjusting or a replacement bass drum pedal was required.

MELTED's Justin performs at Comic Book Hideout. Photo by Scott Feinblatt
The bands, themselves, each boasted their charms. The trio of MELTED started the show with its high-energy "Skuzz Pop," featuring a vicious drummer, a focused bass player, and a highly animated singer/guitarist. Although one might observe that not every note played was in key and not every machine gun hit on the snare drum was deliberately timed, the character of the performers more than made up for it.

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