OK Go Talks About Creativity, In Illustrated Form

Jena Ardell

OK Go does not take music videos lightly. The band is known for their colorful productions involving elaborate sets, stop motion, kaleidoscopic camera angles, strategic choreography, extreme nerdery, and--of course--treadmills.

The band turns every production into a viral video and they've really outdone themselves with their new video, "The Writing's On the Wall." The mind-bending music video (below) brings "some pleasure in your eyes" during a seamless, psychedelic journey.

The band also launched an step-by-step interactive website to show fans behind-the-scenes footage of how the video was created. So. Freaking. Cool.

Here's what band members Damian Kulash, Andy Ross and Dan Konopka had to say about the cost of creativity. Quotation above via theguardian.com.

Jena Ardell

--via digitaltrends.com

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