How BRGRTV Became a YouTube 'Zine For Burger Records

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Moss Perricone
Jack Sample, Steele O'Neil and Lee Rickard watching some BRGRTV
Jack Sample is scrolling through a reel of '80s commercials. He's got footage of a bizzaro wood puppet pumping up a hot air balloon. There's a voiceover, calm and vaguely sinister -- "just when you thought we couldn't go any higher." Cut. Jack stops the clip before any context, any hint as to what the ad was selling. He splices it between live footage of Tomorrow's Tulips and a new Beachwood Sparks music video.

This week 1500 kids from all over the world will tune into BRGRTV.

It's a weekly show. Ten minute episodes play out like Youtube 'zines. Think of it as the propaganda arm of Burger Records -- the ruling party in the Orange County music scene. Go to any local venue: the Observatory, the Yost, your stoner buddy's sweaty garage, hell, go to James Franco's instagram -- you'll see a Burger pin, a t-shirt, that catchy pop slogan "I'm a Burger bitch."

The Burger Records back room is something of a local legend -- tales of a Wayne's World sloppy charm drift out like pot smoke. It doesn't disappoint. Tapes are stacked high, WWE plays on the TV. "This is the weiner of wrestling," cofounder Sean Bohrman explains, packing a bowl. Lee Rickard, the condiments, the spicy mustard eccentricity of Burger enters the room, grabs a seat. Jack Sample and Steale O'Neil, barely out of their teens, sit on the couch editing the latest episode of BRGRTV.

"What do we call this one?" Sample asks. He's tall, lanky, big glasses like an updated Buddy Holly. O'Neil doesn't miss a beat. "The Claw."

The Claw is episode 89 of BRGRTV. That means it's been almost two years since Bohrman and Rickard called Sample and O'Neil into the shop to produce the show. "We heard about Jack through our friend Chrissie," Bohrman recalls, "She was like, there's this kid at school who's wearing punk shirts and shit."

Later that year, Jack shot Between Two Buns: The Burger Records Story -- a short project for a high school documentary class. It served as a stylistic blueprint for BRGRTV -- the frenetic editing, fast paced, irreverent.

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