BONES Sees the Future of EDM. It's Called "Future House"

Ed Carrasco / OC Weekly
Bones at Splash House
BONES prides himself on staying humble in the dance music scene despite being involved for almost a decade now. He moved to LA from Denver to go to graphic design school at Loyola Marymount University and though he's a creative director at a marketing company in Beverly Hills by day, he's also a very successful DJ by night. With gigs all over from EDC Las Vegas to HARD Summer, he's playing three out of our top five recommended fests this month.

The man who can't keep a straight face in a picture is playing Pacific Fest this weekend in Newport and pushing that bass heavy house, techno and nu disco which he also profiles on his very well known blog Gotta Dance Dirty. We caught up with BONES, born Trevor Moffitt, last weekend at Splash House in Palm Springs to find out how he got to where he is today and where he's going.

OC Weekly (Alejandra Loera): How did BONES get his start in the dance music scene?

BONES: I moved out to Los Angeles in 2005 to go to LMU. I met some friends that got me into the house music scene, specifically drum & bass. I started going to shows here and DJing in 2006 playing college parties, bars and some clubs. Then I hooked up with Ryan Jaso and Chris White doing CONTROL at Avalon and helped out with that party. I met my best friend Jonah Berry. He started the blog Gotta Dance Dirty. We started posting music and then throwing events within the LA area. Then we spun out to Miami, New York, San Francisco and London. It all just kind of went from there. I started DJing a bunch and picked up momentum and started playing all over the US and now all over the world.

And now you're part of the HARD family playing events like Hard Day of the Dead and Holy Ship! Who are some artist you looked up to in the past who you call homies today?

I grew up loving artist like MSTRKRFT and Chromeo but it's hard to say because there's so many. Definitely Sonny -- Skrillex has become a really cool guy because now Jonah works for OSWLA and the Nest. This whole industry is like a giant high school and everyone is very cool.

If the scene is like high school who would be our prom king in LA?

I've been a resident for Dim Mak for a while so my boss for the longest time Steve Aoki has been doing his thing. He started from doing Santa Barbara college parties now being a king ping around the world. I've seen a lot of my good friends go from nothing to something. Everyone from Porter Robinson to Dillon Francis just trying to get their stuff on blogs to now being the biggest names in dance music. It's cool to see the smallest guys become the biggest guys in the blink of your eyes.

Who should we be looking out for and what sound do you think will be big next in dance music?

A big part of what I play now and what I'm into--kind of the front side of course is someone like Disclosure. But people you should be looking out for if you haven't already are either Gorgon City or Oliver Heldens who I played with at Splash House last night. Also AC Slater because we are doing this party called Night Bass. What's going to be big is this kind of bass heavy house mixed with UK garage or also called future house. Pretty much bass heavy type stuff that's crossing over from the UK and getting big here now. It's influenced by garage and kind of deeper but not so much hard deep house. It's definitely jacking.

What's next as far as touring goes for BONES?

This year has been crazy specifically this month. I just got done playing HARD Summer which was great. This weekend with Splash House. Next weekend with Pacific Fest which I'm really looking forward to because I've been involved with those guys for a really long time. Then I'm doing shows in San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and then in September I'm doing a tour of Boston, New York, Toronto and Montreal. It's not an actual tour, but I'm playing select dates. I'm also supporting Kygo, Amtrac and Anna Lunoe in the fall which will come through Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland I believe.

Wow you're a busy guy. How did you transition from DJing to producing?

In 2012 I collaborated with my buddy Chris Elliott who goes by Nom De Strip. We did an electro house EP that came out on Gary Richards' label Nitrus Records and got a lot of support through electric area and BPM. We had everyone playing it from GTA to Diplo and a bunch of other people. That's kind of how I got my start. I used to play a bit of drums and not knowing enough about production myself I made the drum loops and bassline stuff while collaborating with people that knew how to do the synth leads and sampling.

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