Five Musicians We'd Love to Have Play Our Living Rooms

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The Cost of Doing Alright
The hottest crowd-funding project in the world right now is Washington DC resident Erick Sanchez's admirable Kickstarter effort towards getting yacht rock great Kenny Loggins to play a 75 minute acoustic set in his living room. You read correct, Sanchez's quest to raise the $30,000 in order to bring the "Danger Zone" home has seen his efforts praised everywhere from Gawker to "Jimmy Kimmel Live." After hearing Sanchez's story, we at the Weekly began seriously contemplating (or, to coin a phrase, "brainstarting") which five acts we would love to see rock the house at our house. Here are the Five Musicians We'd Love to Have Play Our Living Rooms.

5) Sugar Ray
There's plenty of reasons why you would want Sugar Ray playing a show in your living room. Along with their irresistibly catchy audience pleasing songs that everyone can agree at least bring back wonderfully warm memories, they've always seemed like a great group of guys to just have around. Singer Mark McGrath's also demonstrated he can be the life of the party, so imagine the after party at your home where the former host of "Extra," "Don't Forget the Lyrics" and multi-time "Rock and Roll Jeopardy" champion is your unbeatable partner in an intense game of Trivia Pursuit.

4) Action Bronson
I once asked my Mom what the elements were to throwing a good party, and the first two things she said were good music and good food. With rapper Action Bronson, a legitimately acclaimed chef, you get both. Can you imagine gathering with your friends in the kitchen and witnessing one of the hottest rappers in the game turn a phrase like none-other, and then proceed to make just as hot of a fine dish?

3) Pavement
A big part of what makes Pavement such a beloved band for over two decades now is their combination of outstanding musicianship with a profoundly fun irreverence. Perhaps the biggest joy in Pavement playing one's living room is knowing you're going to be getting the exact same level of effort and professionalism as they would give any number of major festivals. If your living room has wireless internet, you would also get the opportunity to assist the band with any Geddy Lee factoids they need confirmed.

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