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Ziggy Marley--See Saturday
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Friday, July18

Summer Slaughter Tour
The Observatory
This smorgasbord of all things death metal proudly bills itself as "the most extreme tour of the year." Hey, we ain't arguing. When you put together a lineup that includes Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus, The Faceless, Goat Whore and bunch of other bands that sound like they were named by a hallucinating medical intern, it's sort of like drawing a line in the sand, you know? And who's gonna cross it? The Warped Tour? Pffft. You think those goody-goodies could ever muster the stones to book a band like Thy Art is Murder? No way. If you want positive energy and intelligible lyrics, go see Jimmy Eat World. If you want foaming rage and totally sick blast beats, followed by a sublime sense of doom and emptiness, you bust out the Summer Slaughter Tour. It's a simple matter of taste. Whether you find that fact to be awesome or awesomely asinine, one thing's for sure: It's totally freaking extreme. (Craig Outhier)

Aaron Carter
The Federal Bar
Admitting that you love boy bands is something only done only under the heaviest cloak of secrecy, after a few cocktails. Admitting you like the musical stylings of a boy band member's younger brother who peaked 15 years ago, at the age of 10, thanks solely to his brother's name recognition, is done only in after-hours basement parties with other like-minded social outcasts. Given these well-established societal etiquette standards, it's fitting that Aaron Carter, brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, headlines a performance at the Federal Underground--the stage they set up in the basement of an old bank later converted to a restaurant/bar. Let's all hope the air conditioning is working, because it's going to get pretty hot down there as Mr. Carter blasts his hits from the year 2000, like "Aaron's Party" and "That's How I Beat Shaq." (Amanda Parsons)

Saturday, July 19

Ziggy Marley
Pacific Amphitheatre
Oldest Marley son Ziggy hit something of a high-water mark with his most recent album Fly Rasta, released just a few months ago. While he's never been shy about experimenting, Fly Rasta is a versatile work-through of reggae and its various offshoots, with Ziggy switching ably between the feel-good pop reggae that led him to chart success ("I Don't Wanna Live On Mars") and more traditional roots music like the title track or the particularly sweet "I Get Up." (Plus it prominently features vocal work by his sisters Cedella and Sharon--something of an unofficial reunion or at least an easter egg for fans of the original Marley children's outfit, the Melody Makers.) Little else will sound as appropriate as this coming out of the Pacific Amphitheater as the sun sets--it's just what a summer night needs. (Chris Ziegler)

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