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Monday, July 28

The Don Kubec Big Band
Steamers Jazz Cafe
There's a lot to be said about the Orange County Jazz Scene, specifically around Fullerton. Every night at Steamers Jazz Cafe, there's a new group to check out--but Monday nights are when to visit for monthly residencies. Tonight's group: the extraordinary Don Kubec Band. Just like any other big band, they play the standards you know and love, performed by some of the best musicians in all of SoCal. And with special guests every now and then, each show is guaranteed to be packed with talent and star-power for jazz lovers to enjoy. Every fourth Monday of the month! (Aimee Murillo)

Purple Mountains Majesties
The Wayfarer
Honored with the very first Monday night residency at the Wayfarer, Detroit Bar's new incarnation after a pretty substantial facelift, is OC-native band Purple Mountains Majesties. A six-piece group, they favor folk in its primary form--sing-a-longs and story-telling make up much of their live performances. And they embrace their recycle-generation's burden by primarily focusing on a message of environmental alarm. It's a jangly, jumping mix of guitars, flutes, tambourines, keyboards, and many more instruments (with band members bouncing from one to the next mid-song) to create a sound of folk electrified. Catch them for a free show tonight with support from the Red River and Gardener's Logic. (Erin DeWitt)

Tuesday, July 29

The Family Doom
The Copper Door
Originating from Riverside, this group's music proudly boasts a sea of synthesizer sounds resonating side by side with drum machine beats and occasional vocals that effectively transfer a psychedelic energy from musicians to listener. This four piece, ominously called The Family Doom, openly name '90s shoegaze as an inspiration and are ever-present in their delivery of lo-fi electronic pop. Listening to their music will undoubtedly conjure up familiarity to other bands that employ heavy synthesizer in their songs, but the lo-fi quality of The Family Doom's tunes never takes away from its soulful vibes. The Family Doom plays the Copper Door tonight with Seeking Ever, Habitat, The Human Machine, and Parted. (Aimee Murillo)

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