Does Sugar Ray Actually Suck?

By: Art Tavana
Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast writes sunny indie-pop that traditionally has drawn from bands like Fleetwood Mac and the Beach Boys. Right now, however, she's feeling inspiration from a more unlikely source.

"As cool as I want everybody to think I am, I don't care: I think Sugar Ray has written some really great songs," said Cosentino, in a recent interview with Spin.

Sure, Newport Beach's own Sugar Ray is mostly remembered for popularizing frosted tips with chin goatees, and making aggressive gestures next to swimming pools. (That and its dopey 1997 smash hit "Fly.")

But you know what? We respect Cosentino, and therefore decided to dig deep into the Sugar Ray catalog. Here, then, are its five best songs.

5. "Answer the Phone"
After the lame Creed-tinged intro, "Answer the Phone" has a nice pop-punk flavor that could be confused for another Best Coast influence: Blink 182. The roaring chorus is catchy and, hey, the song also mentions roller coasters, which is never a bad thing. Maybe Cosentino's onto something!

4. "Mean Machine"
This one is different! It's one of Sugar Ray's "hardest" songs, and it includes a Mick Mars-influenced guitar intro. So that's something!

3. "Under the Sun"
Hmmmmm. The more we listen to this one, the more we can't recommend it. Sorry. Let's see if we can find a No. 2.

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Beth Cosentino? Because Best Coast is such an authoritative band for our generation. How many times can you repeat the same phrase in the chorus of each song? Mindblowing stuff happening. How many #1s has Best Coast had? How many platinum albums? I'll listen to what she has to say when her band has been around for 28 years like Sugar Ray has.


"Under The Sun" is a very respectable ditty.


Hey, yo! Go fuck yourselves. Sugar Ray is the tits.

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter of the rare times I thoroughly enjoyed a music article dripping with snarkiness. :-D

I don't know if I'd go so far to say Sugar Ray completely sucks but Mark McGrath is certainly one of the douchiest frontmen of all time.


If there are any strong johns out there that would wish to engage in a fair bit of roughhousing to combat my stance on Sugar Ray and Mark McGrath (aka "The Soul's Patch) I'll be right here waiting on you, ya cotton candy lasses.

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