VIDEO: Foo Fighters Cover The Rolling Stones and Queen PLUS Exclusive Photos

Jena Ardell

"I love rock and roll just as much as the next guy," Dave Grohl said when the Foo Fighters returned to the stage at Firefly Festival in Dover, DE this weekend after their headlining performance. "Maybe even fuckin' more than the next guy. I love being in the Foo Fighters, but tonight, for the next four or five songs, we're a fuckin' bar band called the Holy Shits that plays fuckin' classic rock songs. What about that shit?!"

Jena Ardell
The Foo Fighters recently announced two additional festival dates: Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas (October 24-26) and the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans (October 31-Nov 2). Tickets for both events go on sale this week.

Meanwhile, the Foos are wrapping up their eighth studio album to be released this fall. The album was recorded (most likely on analog) in different cities across the U.S. and consists of big-name collaborators, like Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh.

"It's an eight-song album," Grohl told "But it's gonna be our longest album - because there are some epic jams."

This weekend marked the third year for Red Frog Events' Firefly Festival which welcomed 80,000 concertgoers (20,000 more in attendance than last year's event) into its woodsy arena. We were enchanted by the festival's down-to-earth setting and were relieved we didn't spy anyone wearing a Native American headdress. (But yes, tons of body glitter and flower crowns). No doubt about it: Firefly is on its way to become the east coast's version of Coachella.

Jena Ardell

FF's Firefly set list and more exclusive photos after the jump...

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John Garcia
John Garcia

Maury this is why Dave Grohl is such a badass!

Richard Alan White
Richard Alan White

Funny our singer from our old band No Apparent Reason Tim Snail is in a band called the Holy Shitrz from Portland Oregon

R Scott Torgan
R Scott Torgan

so much AWESOME ..... when they closed down the Forum last year, we were treated to some Pink Floyd and some (artist formerly known as) Prince!!!! always such an awesome time with the Foo's....

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