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Electric 6--See Saturday
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Friday, June 13
House of Blues Anaheim
Orange County's Kiev may be the most talented indie band in the land of citrus as well as outlying areas. Besides brandishing smoldering intensity on stage, they wield and unnatural talent with their respective instruments busting out hauntingly groovy art rock. Be sure to keep an eye on drummer Brandon Corn. You've probably never seen anyone play with so much finesse with their arms so awkwardly close to their body. Truly something to marvel at. Catch them Friday as part of a killer lineup of local darlings presented by Secret Chief, featuring Fellow Bohemian (EP Release Show), Max and the Moon, Mt. Ossa and the Gromble. (Brandon Ferguson)

Cowboy Junkies
Coach House
When Canadian alt folk rock band the Cowboy Junkies released their cover of the Velvet Underground's "Sweet Jane" in 1988 (adhering to a slower, earlier version from 1969), Lou Reed described the cut as "the best and most authentic version I have ever heard." Since their platinum-selling album of that same year, the Junkies cracked the Top 40 once more in 1994 with the equally moody "A Common Disaster," but have otherwise remained off the US charts. Nonetheless, they've continued to thrive in Canada and their fan base remains devout, preferring their purring psychedelic country and blues to corporate twang pop. Now, you, too, can raise yourself up out of the mainstream mucky muck and revisit a band that sets the lights low and the artistic chops high. It's the kind of junkie you need. (SR Davies)

Saturday, June 14

Lady Antebellum
Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
At a time when many musicians are having trouble selling music and filling venues, Nashville's Lady Antebellum excels at both. Since the band's inception in 2006, it seems all the trio has done is sell millions of records and fill huge amphitheaters to capacity across the country. Their unique version of country pop inspired legions of copycats--and garnered Lady Antebellum multiple Grammy nods, including wins for Record and Song of the Year in 2011. More recently, the group released "Bartender," the first single off their forthcoming record. As for their upcoming travels, the group enlisted Kip Moore and Kacey Musgraves to open for their Take Me Downtown Tour, making a stop in Irvine this week. (Daniel Kohn)

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