The Best Concerts to See in OC This Week

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The Garden--See Thursday
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Monday, June 23

Monkey Finger Duo
Auld Dubliner
There's a whole lotta sound coming from the spirited dudes of Monkey Finger Duo--and that isn't just the Irish whiskey talking. Long Beach natives Jason Magdaleno and Kyle Jones cover rock hits (mostly classic rock and '90s grunge), including every great band from Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones to Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam. And they do it all with just two acoustic guitars and a couple sets of pipes (vocals, that is). They say their unplugged style gives songs "a warmer, more natural sound"--we just love a fresh twist on classic rock covers. Tonight, Monkey Finger Duo returns to the Auld Dubliner while on their constant party tour throughout LA and OC. It's the coolest jam session you'll find all week. (Erin DeWitt)

Tuesday, June 24

Cultura Profetica
The Coach House
Reggae isn't just music, it's a lifestyle. It's the philosophy that life is meant to be positive, be enjoyed, and create a better outlook for humanity. For Puerto Rican reggae band Cultura Profetica, singing the Jamaican-born music in their native Spanish language distributes the culture to more audiences, and generates peace on a wider scale. The quintet prides itself on dispensing a message of equality, human rights, and all-around awesomeness. Indeed, hearing the politically-charged, romance-language lyrics adds depth to the sound, elevating their music to the next levels of sophistication and intrigue. Get irie and feel the vibrations of the universe--regardless of your native language--as Cultura Profetica performs at the Coach House tonight. (Amanda Parsons)

Wednesday, June 25

The Observatory
LA-based foursome Kiven are off to a pretty formidable start as far as the college rock scene is concerned--besides honors like Entertainment Weekly's nod as one of the Great Indie Discoveries of the CMJ Music Marathon festival in 2012, and BMI's Indie Spotlight Artist in 2013, they've paired up with a heavy-hitting producer on their new full-length self-titled album. Indie drumming vet Tony Hajjar (of At the Drive-In and Sparta) helped produce Kiven's soon-to-be-breakout single "I Can Take It," a track that pulled the heaviest, hardest sound from the band yet. They just wrapped up their Spring Tour last month--catch them as they head back to OC for a mid-week show at the Constellation Room. (Erin DeWitt)

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