The 5 Best Concerts in OC This Weekend

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John Gilhooley
The Rikk Agnew Band--See Friday
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Friday, June 20

The Rikk Agnew Band
Malone's Bar and Grill
Our cover story this week examines the life and (near death) times of OC punk legend Rikk Agnew, whose songwriting and guitar playing inspired countless bands and artists after him. Aside from being free of his old crazy, drug-fueled antics that threatened to derail his career completely, Agnew's looking a whole lot better these days on stage and his playing has never sounded better. He'll be taking the stage at Malone's tonight with the Rikk Agnew band and also exhibiting some of his artwork alongside his fiancé Gitane DeMone, Zara Kand, Saylor Art, Christopher Sexton and tattoos by Red. In between, you can expect a ton of great punk bands playing from 7 p.m. to last call as well as sets by DJ Throat Yogurt. (Nate Jackson)

The Constellation Room
Once again, the radiant and talented Anuhea will be gracing the stage at the Observatory tonight, and her timing couldn't be better. Now that summer is here, her rousing vocal harmonies and mellow grooves would more than resonate with audiences here in sunny OC, where she briefly cut her teeth in film school before deciding to focus on music. The risk has more than paid off, as now the Hawaiian sweetheart will be headlining her own tour, having opened before for heavy hitter acts like Taj Mahal and Al Green. Come and revel in Anuhea's sweet pop-folk vocal stylings and summery vibes. (Aimee Murillo)

House of Blues Anaheim
Since they started in '94, Intocable has lived us to their name (it means "Untouchable," you gringo!) as the most influential band in Tejano. Their tough Tejano/Norteño fusion has become the blueprint for dozens of Tex-Mex groups. They have a three-night run at House of Blues Anaheim this weekend. And if you've run out of burning "Ask a Mexican" questions for our editor-in-chief, going to this concert should leave white folks with plenty of queries. Save them for Gustavo though, if you ask someone at the show, you'll probably get your ass kicked. (Nate Jackson)

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