It's a Family Affair With Rick Gutierrez and Gabriel Iglesias.

If you have more than one sibling then it's not a family, it's an argument.
Comedian Rick Gutierrez has a great friend in fellow funny guy Gabriel Iglesias and once you get these two together, well you can tell that they are more like brothers than pals. And speaking of their partnership (not in that way folks, minds out of the gutter please), on June 14th (10pm ET/PT) NUVOtv will premiere "Gabriel Iglesias Presents Rick Gutierrez: I'm Not Mad. I'm Just a Parent." This incredible hour showcases Gutierrez's hilariously entertaining thoughts on too many topics to name and before Rick's upcoming special airs, we were fortunate to get these two characters on the horn to tell us all about it.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): OK so how did you actually meet?

Rick: I met Gabriel in San Antonio at a Sí TV taping. Sí TV is now NuvoTV so it's actually ironic that we've now come full circle. So we went to Denny's afterwards and we were just kind of giving each other accolades to each other and talking. We were having a man moment I guess. [Laughs.] So he tells me if I'm ever in LA I can come down to his place and after I got separated from my wife, I threw all of my stuff in my truck and went out to LA on a whim. I knocked on his door and I was like, hey man remember when you said if I was ever in LA I could hit you up? [Laughs.] I spent two years on his couch after that. So it was really cool because I mean, what would've happened if he wasn't home?

Gabriel: Yeah if I wasn't home, who knows where he would have wound up!

Rick: Yeah I would have been like a puppy! The dog pound would have picked me up and euthanized my ass!

That's such a romantic story you guys. Not the puppy part, but the couch part. I bet it was a pullout couch. So cute...

Rick: It was a big leather couch and I'd have my arm over the top of it like it was a big ass woman. I have a thing for big women and hey, I'm not ashamed of it!

Gabriel: Yeah, that's the reason I keep my hair short!

Big women and leather couches. I'm making notes. So Rick, I know you come from a large family. Is that where you pooled a lot of your humor from?

Rick: If you have more than one sibling then it's not a family, it's an argument. The biggest influence on me was my dad because he was really funny. He was our critic and he had humor in his intelligence because he was a really smart man. My grandfather was a very humorous man too. He was a migrant worker that only came to our house three months out of the year and during that time, he would do the craziest stuff I've ever seen a man do. He would always crack jokes, watch wrestling, he would be drunk half of the time, and he would always try to give me advice in Spanish but I couldn't even speak Spanish! He was great!

I saw your special and I loved that your material is really relatable. You also come across as a funny but hard ass kind of dad in your set. Do your kids have an opinion on what you say about them on stage?

Rick: Well I'm not really talking about them, I'm talking about everyone's kids. It's like every generation before would work, they'd cook, and they'd be like, you don't even know what it is to work with your hands. When I grew up you had to work and get smart, go to college and get a job. I think we've just gotten to the point where the kids these days are just getting lazy. They want the best clothes but they don't want to work for their clothes. All of these things that I went through I'm just coming forward with it and people are agreeing with it. I think parents are trying to be politically correct with their kids and it's bullshit! I'm not going to sit there and talk to these kids, I'm going to tell them! Clean your room, do your homework, shut the fuck up...that kind of stuff!

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