Phantogram Talks About Songwriting, In Illustrated Form

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Jena Ardell.

The only thing more electric than the hypnotic beats from Phantogram is the working relationship between bandmates Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter. The pair, who have known each other since junior high, write and record in a remote barn in upstate New York dubbed Harmony Lodge.

"We're just this great duo that works really well together," Carter told "We have this kind of psychic energy when we work and it's easy to read each other. We have a very similar vision in what we do."

"We go through the same stuff, everything, because we're super close," Barthel explained during an interview for "We have the same people in our lives and we have the same experiences in our lives and the same sorrows and the same joys, so it's not like 'oh, this is my song' or 'this is your song.' Every single song is ours."

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Here's what the duo had to say about song writing and stage presence.

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Jena Ardell


Jena Ardell


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