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4- #TurntUp- This hashtag really gets us all sorts of fired up. Rather, it get us turned up. See what we did there? We used the PROPER word which is "turned," not "turnt." Come on now, if your grade school English teacher saw how some of you were butchering our glorious language you know you'd get a one way ticket to summer school. And you'd deserve it.

3- #NomNomNom- If you are over the age of five-years-old or if you are an adult that is NOT talking to a child under the age of five-years-old please, for the love of all that is sacred, stop saying "nom nom nom" to describe delicious food. Use your big boy or big girl words. It's fucking ridiculous and it sounds (and reads) revolting. Enough said.

2- #InstaFunny- This seriously might be the worst "insta" of all of the "insta's." It instantly makes it unfunny. And let's be 100% honest with each other too, once we view this #InstaFunny video or picture, it's immediately #InstaUnFunny. Also, using this played out #InstaFunny hashtag doesn't make you look funnier. The more you know.

1- #SelfieSunday- Hilarious. This hashtag is the worst of all so let's get serious for a minute while we break it down because a few of you could use a little dose of honesty. Some of you post "selfies" every fucking day of the week and enough is enough. You look the same on Sunday as you did yesterday and furthermore, for those of you adults that feel the need to take a "selfie" (Monday through Sunday) with your tongue hanging out of your mouth? It's absolutely repulsive. Stop lying to yourself and pretending that #SelfieSunday is the only day that you do this. Just #Stop.

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