Morrissey Fan Art, You Really Must Own

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ManoNegraArtCo on etsy
Recently Morrissey was forced to cancel a concert in Atlanta due to an illness which also affected his crew. The cancellation marked the fourth time Morrissey has cancelled a show in Atlanta since December 2012.

Morrissey recently debuted a new track titled "Kick the Bride Down the Aisle" during a Boston concert. Rolling Stone described the song's lyrics as a "sarcastically misogynistic warning someone not to marry a Dickensian battle axe" and said the music "plays out more like a funereal dirge than a wedding march".

The track will appear on Morrissey's upcoming album World Peace Is None of Your Business, which drops July 15th.

Feel free to browse some of the best Morrissey fan art on etsy while you patiently await the full recovery of the former frontman of The Smiths.

"For all the Chicanos, cholos, and chipsters who are into Morrissey..." here's a screen-printed t-shirt by ManoNegraArtCo (above).

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ohgoshCindy on etsy

We're swooning over this dreamy Morrissey print of an original watercolor by ohgoshCindy.

AndSoShePaints on etsy

As depicted in this original acrylic painting by AndSoShePaints, aging has only made Morrissey appear more sophisticated.

ParlorTattooPrints on etsy
Perfect for non-committal fans: ParlorTattooPrints on etsy has solved the paradox of loving Morrissey enough to want a tattoo, but being smart enough to not get one.

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