Jack Grisham's Very Unusual Book Signing for Code Blue

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Alex Distefano
Jack Grisham reading from Code Blue
Hundreds waited in line as the casket stood front center, in the second floor conference room, at the Seaport Marina Hotel in Long Beach Saturday night. TSOL front man, author and fellow Heard Mentality Columnist Jack Grisham set up a mock funeral for Marla, the teenage character in his latest book, Code Blue, a short story based on one of the band's most well known songs about Necrophilia.

Fans gathered for this book release party, which included the fake coffin, candles, and even a string quartet playing. Grisham brought his wife and children to the free event, which was open to all ages, although all throughout promotion process online disclaimers warned that the book contained graphic sexual themes and language, and a reading would take place.

The bar provided the booze, and complimentary cookies, pastries and a giant cake with an image of Grisham's book were offered to guests, as Grisham and illustrator of the short story book, Scott Aicher numbered and signed each personalized book, and took photos with fans. The entire room was adorned with giant posters of the book's dark and twisted, but colorful almost cartoon like illustrations.

Some families with teens and small children were present but so were a group of old school punks, bikers and even some of the AA members, from a meeting downstairs, who mingled in to grab a book. One elderly gentleman told Grisham, "Yeah, my grandson's into punk, it's for him!" as he had his book autographed.

After more than 90 minutes of singing books, Grisham came to the front of the room, and told the story of how he got the concept when a friend gave him a copy of Bring Me Your Love, written by Charles Bukowski and illustrated by cartoonist R. Crumb.

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