Getting Our Balls Busted by Chris Kattan

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Can you say that again? I love to hear I'm right...

[Laughs.] Yes, you're right. Wait, where are you right now as we speak? Are you in the OC?

No sorry, I'm in Vegas multi-tasking with you.

Whoa. Are you doing blow?

Yes and directly off of a hooker's ass at this very moment.

Oh that is so funny because I'm working and someone is doing blow off of my ass! It's difficult.

Haha incredible, you're instantly a sixteen trick pony! OK let's focus Chris! As a former member of The Groundlings, do you have a preference between screen and stage?

I love working with people so it's all about working with others for me. I really enjoy stand-up but I do prefer acting a little bit more. The neat thing about stand-up is that it took me awhile to feel comfortable with owning a stage because you are on your own up there. I'm not usually a big hogger like, I want it all! I'm much more of a sharer. I love it though because I love interacting with the crowds. That's a big part of it for me.

I noticed that you're doing one night gigs so are you working on an hour special or something?

I don't really have any intention of doing that but I could do it if I set my mind to it or if someone told me to do that. I love goals so if it were something that I had to do, I'd do it. Right now I just finished writing a TV show with a good friend of mine Paul Dinello, who's the head writer for Stephen Colbert. I'm also working on finishing up a book about The Groundlings, Saturday Night Live, and other things. A lot of people have done the book thing but mine is a little bit do I say it? Umm, a little more honest about other people and the experience. I won't lose any friends but, it's going to be a different kind of book.

So is it like a "tell all?"

A tell all? I guess maybe that's what you'd call it but, if a book isn't a "tell all" that means you're not telling everything! Why would you write a book that isn't a tell all? Like, here's a book and I'm just going to tell you some things. My book is unabridged or, it's a bridge. It's an unabridged book. It's a special bridge copy. [Laughs.] It'll be called, "My Life Unabridged."

Really or are you fucking with me?

I'm joking. I don't have a title for it right now. It'll probably be called something like, "Born With an Apple in my Mouth and Some Coke on my Ass." [Laughs.]

I like that title! It may be hard to get a window display at a book store but let's be real, who goes in book stores anymore?

[Laughs.] It would be a great book though. I mean, "Born With an Apple in my Mouth and Some Coke on my Ass?" I mean, come on. That's brilliant.

I agree 100%. And if you put dollar signs on the S's of the word ass, you could appeal to a much younger audience as well.

Yes! Because the younger audience always loves an unabridged novel.

Indeed. Well I'm sure young and old will come out to see you in Brea. Do you do a pretty high energy set?

High energy? I mean, what does that mean? High energy to me means techno music and there isn't any of that. What the hell? [Laughs.]

OK I didn't mean glow sticks spinning! I mean, I can't picture you being frumpy sitting on a stool!

I'm not sitting on a stool the whole time, I'm standing too. But I'm not dancing the whole time like high energy. High energy sounds exhausting! But people should come out to the Brea Improv because it will be a night of unabridged brilliance!

Check out Chris Kattan this Wednesday June 4th at the Brea Improv, 120 South Brea Blvd. Brea, CA 92821. (714) 482-0700. For tickets go to For more info, check out follow him on Twitter @ChrisKattan.

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