Getting Our Balls Busted by Chris Kattan

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"Born With an Apple in my Mouth and Some Coke on my Ass"

It's hard to believe that Chris Kattan's SNL run ended in 2003 because then we'd all have to admit that we've aged. OK we might have, but it seems like Kattan is busy aging like a fine wine. And if you're wondering where this master of impressions and beloved characters has been the real question is, where in the world have you been? From TV, movies, and to writing a book, he's been keeping busy and this former Groundlings member is now returning to his roots by hitting the stage at the Brea Improv on June 4th. Before his Wednesday night show hits, we got this funny man on the phone to get the details of what exactly his life is like now and what's coming up that we can look forward to. Oh, and he also found time to talk shit about our occasional use of writing with cliche phrases in the phrases.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): It was great to see you on Seth Myers doing an extended Mr. Peepers. It looks so painful to tear through apples like that!

Chris Kattan: Yeah well it's a gift and it's a gift. [Laughs.] I didn't know how many apples there would be but there were more than I thought! When I did it on SNL, I'd bite the sides of my mouth and I would bleed pretty badly every time. That's why I don't do it as often but I did get better at it. Did you ever see that cartoon where he's eating corn on the cob like it's a typewriter? That's the thought in my head with that, to eat an apple like a typewriter.

It was really funny, your face at the end sealed the deal too. Mango was always my favorite of yours from SNL. Do you ever get sick of people wanting you to the impressions?

Oh thank you. Umm...yeah I do get tired of it sometimes. I mean, it would be kind of rude for somebody at the bank to say, "Hey while you're depositing do you mind swatting your ass for me?" [Laughs.] It's nice though too because a lot of people refer to me as doing those characters or just one character. There seem to be some that people always request like Azrael Abyss or Corky Romano. I think a lot of the characters I did, whether it was in a movie or on TV, seem to have a fan base. I always try to do different things though because I never wanted to be a one trick pony. I always felt like I was more of a fifteen trick pony.

Oh for sure and it's cool because everything you've done still transcends. It's like your fan base is so broad in age.

Oh that's good to know! It's hard for people to say what my type is or what exactly I do because with me, there are a lot of things they can refer to but not just one thing. People get confused on where to put me sometimes so I have to just create my own world or something.

That's a good thing because like you said, you're not a one trick pony.

Yeah OK. I guess you're right. Yeah, thank you very much.

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