Funny Sitcoms Are Ahmed Ahmed's Business...And Business is Good

Ahmed Ahmed is much more than an Egyptian lover (even though he's quite lovely) because he's been hitting the stand-up circuit for quite some time and has been acting even longer. While fans these days are loving his role of tow truck driver "Ahmed Nassar" on Sullivan & Son (which returns June 24th), we still dig the role he plays as microphone commander when he's front and center on the comedy stage. On June 27th through 29th, you'll get a chance to see these two world collide when Ahmed, Steve Byrne, Roy Wood Jr., and Owen Benjamin hit up the Irvine Improv to bring the laughter directly to you. Since we've never had the chance to talk to him personally, we grilled him about some TV show scoop, got some insider info, and found out what he is bringing to the table on and off set.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): It would seem like Sullivan & Son is a ton of fun on and off camera. Best job ever?

Ahmed Ahmed: It's for sure the best job I've ever had. I work with all of my best friends, we are constantly laughing on set every minute of every day, and I get to work with some of the most talented people I've ever worked with. Dan Lauria used to be the father on The Wonder Years and now he plays Steve's dad so he's just a veteran. It's like going to acting class everyday being around that guy. He does have this fatherly thing about him also so people kind of go to him for wisdom. Brian Doyle-Murray is on the show and is just fantastic, Christine Ebersole is a two time Tony award winning actress is there too so it's like we're around all of these veteran actors absorbing all of this talent from them. Jodi Long plays Steve's mom and is a brilliant actress too. She's kind of the base of the show, it's kind of like her show in a lot of ways because she's such a strong character. Then of course you have Steve, Owen, me, Roy, Valarie, and Vivian. It's rare to have ten people all on a sitcom at once so our shoot days can be a little confusing at times but, it's just such a great cast. It really is the best job in the world.

Since you guys are together so much with taping and touring, do you ever get sick of it? I know you're friends and all but still...

I mean, it happens with everyone. If you are with someone too long you start getting a little umm, too used to them. [Laughs.] But we have a special bond and brotherhood. We've toured two years in a row as a group so we all understand each other's personalities and sensibilities. What people like and don't like, who wants to sleep, who wants to work-out or go see a movie. Somebody might want a salad and someone might want a burger. So we all try to find common ground when we are on tour. It's tough enough to tour with four big personalities and four individual headlining comics so thank god none of us have big egos. Our goal is to promote the show and that's just shaking hands, kissing babies, doing radio, taking pictures, signing autographs, and all of that. It's kind of like a political campaign while we are touring.

We're all aware of Steve's incredible dancing skills, has he ever given you a lap dance or do you ever beg him to teach you those moves?

No and no. I won't let him give me a lap dance and I refuse to dance like Steve Byrne. I don't want to be viewed that way. It's embarrassing and shameful. He should be ashamed of himself for dancing like that. [Laughs.]

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