10 Best OC Concerts on the First Day of Summer

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Ed Carrasco
By mid-June, most people are already sweating and spending money like it's summertime. But we're here to remind you that the first day of the season doesn't officially start until June 21. That's why for the next few days, we suggest you save up those hangovers and do some planning. Specifically, how do you want to spend your first summer outting of 2014? Since you're reading you're reading this, we're guessing you'd prefer to see a concert. You're in luck, there's a ton of 'em and you'll have some choices to make. To help you out, we've chosen our 10 best concerts to see on the first day of summer.

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Aliso Black and Prime Meridian
Boscoe's (Lake Forest)

The thought of seeing real hip-hop in Lake Forest is just too novel to pass up. And as far as OC rappers go, Aliso Black is better than most when it comes to rocking crowds from the gulliest ghettos in Santa Ana to the burbiest 'burbs in South County. He'll be rocking at Boscoe's with his DJ Prime Meridian. Full show info.
Price: $8

Animals as Leaders
The Glass House (Pomona)

If you like having your head attached to your body, maybe this isn't the show for you. But for the prog metalheads out there who enjoy the cranial explosion they get when trying to absorb the virtuosic riffage of Animals as Leaders,be prepared to really start your summer off with a bang. Full show info.
Price: $16-$18

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