The 10 Best Metalcore Bands

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4. All Shall Perish
From the SF Bay area, All Shall Perish have come a long way from the early days when the band was formed more than a dozen years ago. With numerous line up changes, the band has risen from the underground to become one of the main purveyors of a subgenre of metalcore known as deathcore, with a strong basis of grind and death metal. The band is heavily influenced by European metal acts such as Opeth and At the Gates, and Carcass but it is clear they also grew up on a diet of Cannibal Corpse, Death, Nile, Dying Fetus and Hatebreed. Think fast, brutal and technical, with tons of evil breakdowns all thrown in among a mix of death grind madness and lyrics about a dystopian future. Currently, All Shall Perish, features bassist Mike Tiner, drummer Adam Pierce, and guitarists Francesco Artusato and Rob Maramonte, but the band needs a vocalist, since last year the band departed ways with singer Hernan "Eddie" Hermida, who joined fellow deathcore giants, Suicide Silence.

3.Bleeding Through
OC based heroes Bleeding Through have earned a place in the history of OC music and the international world of heavy metal,  with a blending of  black metal, hardcore punk and metalcore, and bridged the gap between karate chopping hardcore dancers, punks and longhaired thrashers in the mosh pit. The band's legacy and career is built upon a hardcore DIY ethic and straightedge lifestyle and music that is very loud, confrontational and violent with a sound that has layers of mystique and beauty. This band's fury takes the best of Pantera, Cradle of Filth and Minor Threat in both sounds and aesthetics.  Be sure to check out the dark and venomous debut album for Trustkill by the band, 2003's This is Love This Is Murderous.

Sadly, after 15 years of madness, touring with everyone from AFI to Slayer, accidents on the road, seven albums, massive festival appearances around the world, Bleeding Through is calling it quits for good. The OC based band, which features guitarists   Scott Danough , Dave Nassie and Brian Leppke, drummer Derek Youngsma, bassist Ryan Wombacher, keyboard player Marta Peterson and singer  Brandan Schieppati, is currently touring for a final time, one last time, making a stop in stop in Southern California on July 13, at the Glasshouse in what is sure to be one hell of a RAGING show.

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