The 10 Best Metalcore Bands

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8. God Forbid
With heavy influences of bands such as Machine Head, Pantera and Sepultura, God Forbid also mixed in a fierce blend of Swedish death metal and American hardcore and metalcore. The band used a lot of melodic vocals, chugging breakdowns and a thrashy grooves to create a perfect backdrop of intense, anguished screaming and much clearer singing. The band rose to prominence in the late '90s, and earned their place among underground metal fans by touring relentlessly, with everyone from Cradle of Filth,  Gwar, Nile, Bleeding Through, Kataklysm, and Lamb of God.  Formed in 1996  in New Jersey by brothers Dallas and Doc Coyle both on guitar and vocals, the band also included drummer Corey Pierce, singer Byron Davis and basic John Outcalt. Unfortunately, even after some moderate success in album sales, and tours on Ozzfest, Rockstar Mayhem and more, plus six full length albums, the band called it quits for good in 2013, when the band officially disbanded for undisclosed reasons.

7.All That Remains
From the humble beginnings of a band in the hardcore/metal scene in Springfield, Massachusetts, All That Remains began in 2000, and  has  toured the world several times, sold  at least million records, and gained millions of fans  across the globe,   with a  very melodic approach to hardcore and death metal. Of course there are the expected breakdowns, but they are not the center of the band's song structures. A very aggressive attack of heavy bass and drums, and electrifying guitar solos combine with singer Phil Labonte, who was the original singer of fellow Massachusetts metal band Shadows Fall.

Rounded out by guitarists Oli Herbert and Mike Martin, bassist Jeanne Sagan, and drummer Jason Costa, the band has six studio albums and a live release, and puts forth most of its energy into its live shows, constantly producing music that is simultaneously aggressive and sensitive with hints of all kinds of metal, from Dio and Iron Maiden to Agnostic Front and At the Gates. All That Remains is often referred to as being among the new breed of American Heavy Metal, and in various press interviews has stated disdain for the label 'metalcore.'
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