The 10 Best Heavy Metal Movies

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Heavy metal music's influence on our modern culture can't be denied. This time, instead of focusing on songs, albums, or the bands themselves, we decided to change the perspective a bit, and instead delve into world of cinema. There are tons of documentaries about heavy metal music and culture, from the late '70s, to today. With this in mind, we wanted to look at films that were not documentaries; fiction based movies that had a plot line, characters, and or a soundtrack that somehow involved heavy metal, and/or hard rock music. We now present our list of the 10 Best Heavy Metal Movies.

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10.Hesher (2010)
Starring Joseph Gordon-Levit and Natalie Portman, this is a story about a teenage boy who is depressed over the recent death of his mother, who died in a car accident. By fate, the boy and his middle aged, pill popping, strung out father come to meet a long haired, tattooed, chain smoking, drunken stoner known as Hesher. This heavy metal loving, miscreant adds violence, profanity, sex, arson, and vandalism and thrashes metal to this unabashed dark comedy, which has a connection to the world's biggest metal band, Metallica. According to interviews with Levit, the character in the Hesher was based on the late, great Cliff Burton, Metallica's original bass player, who died tragically when the band's tour bus crashed in Sweden in 1986. Levit told Guitar Magazine in 2011, that when the members of Metallica saw the film, the band approved of the performance. "They dug the movie," Levit told Ultimate Guitar. "When the band saw it, they were like, 'you know what, he reminds us of Cliff!' and we didn't even tell him what we were going for."

9.Spun (2002)
At first glance, this might seem like a cliché-ridden flick about the wretched horrors of meth, and in many ways the acting does a stupendous job at highlighting this for viewers. This flick really shows the filthy, unstable and disgusting lifestyle of meth heads. Starring John Leguinzamo, the late Brittany Murphy, Mikey Rourke and Jason Schwartzman, this film revolves around a young meth user (Schwartzman) who is introduced to a small time dope dealer (Leguiizamo) and his supplier, the 'cook' (Rourke). Tons of disturbing sex with greasy tweakers with bad skin and worse teeth, guns, violence, threats, paranoia and profanity are what this movie is about. Well that, and smoking, snorting and injecting the poison known as crystal meth.

This, along with a sick sense of humor and rock star edge, ensure for a horrific, yet at the same time mildly funny and extremely tragic. Heavy metal fans will enjoy the cameo by the Metal God, Rob Halford, who plays a porno shop worker. Debra Harry form Blondie, Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins, and porn star Ron Jeremy also make cameos as well. Director Jonas Akerlund is an established video director and also played drums for the Swedish cult metal band Bathory, for a short period in 1983. The soundtrack to Spun contains original music written for the film by Billy Corgan and also songs by Bathory, Ozzy, Motley Crue, UFO, Iron Maiden and black metal band Satyricon, whose video, 'Mother North,' appears in the film.

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