What's Up With Crazy Town These Days?

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[Editor's note: Tonight's show with Crazy Town at the Observatory has been postponed.]

Come, my lady. Come, come, my lady.

Rock-rap outfit Crazy Town will be performing at the Observatory tonight. Didn't know they were back together? Didn't know they were broken up in the first place?

Well, before their 2001 hit "Butterfly," they toiled in the Los Angeles underground for years, anticipating the rise of nu-metal.

But their career mellowed after that; two of their members passed away, and their front man Shifty Shellshock was in a coma a couple years back.

This reunion tour has been rumored for seven years and is finally happening. Here's what you need to know to adequately prepare for a voyage into Crazy Town.

They're Focused on Rapping
This rehearsal video shows the gang is taking their second wind seriously. They've had years of experience on the road, having toured with both Red Hot Chili Peppers and briefly as part of Ozzfest.

It's Shifty and Epic with All New Members
While the rappers remain the same, the rest of the line-up features new faces, due to the passing of members DJ AM in 2009 and guitarist Rust Epique in 2004. But don't count out Shifty and Epic, who have credibility, including Epic's time producing for Bel Biv Davoe, MC Lyte and MC Serch.

They're Working on a New Album
Originally announced so long ago that it was on their MySpace page, Crazy Town has apparently finally putting the finishing touches on Brimstone Sluggers. It's their first project since 2001's Darkhorse. (But don't forget about Shifty's 2004 solo album Happy Love Sick), which included the Paul Oakenfold collaboration "Starry Eyed Surprise" - it charted in six countries and lent itself to an iconic Diet Coke commercial.)

They're Going Back to Their Roots
The new album's title comes from the group's original name when it was just the rap duo of Shifty and Epic. Coincidentally, the album's much more hip-hop oriented. The two have insisted in recent interviews that they aren't a rock band, but rather the hardest in hip-hop. They also probably no longer live next to Puffy.

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