Tom Green Live on TV and In Our Hood!

A lot my fans really grew up knowing my parents.
Long gone are the days of boneheaded hilarity of The Tom Green Show on MTV. But lately, a new and improved version of the off-beat Canadian comic has emerged. If you have AXS TV you can get in on the fun by checking out his hysterical interactive show "Tom Green Live" Thursday's at 6p.m. But if you don't have the channel, don't fret. You can check him out live and in person at the Brea Improv May 29th through June 1st. Before his weekend in OC kicks off, we chatted it up with him on everything we've been missing when it comes to his hit show and to see what kind of fun we're in store for when he heads into our hood!

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Congrats on getting renewed on AXS TV. How did the show come to be on that channel and did you have to pitch it Marc Cuban "Shark Tank" style?

Tom Green: Thank you! No it was not nearly as dramatic and as stressful as Shark Tank [Laughs]. But basically, I went and did stand-up on the AXS TV show called "Gotham Live" and then I started talking to some of the people at the network. Some of them were former people from MTV and it all just sort of worked out. It's all been really exciting and we're having a great time doing the show. The longer we're on the air, the better traction we get, the better the reviews are, and we're getting even more great guests. The shows just really solidified.

I feel like you are just rubbing it in now because I don't have that channel so I can't see it.

Well you know the simple solution is to get a new cable provider. It's really not that hard to do! DIRECTV is the way to get it. [Laughs.]

Well you just shut me down! Point taken! I read you recently interviewed your parents and of course, I remember them from your MTV days. How are they?

Yeah, they're doing great. They were in LA so we had them on the show which was fun. We did a little recap on things going on with them. A lot my fans really grew up knowing my parents so it was a lot of fun.

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