The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

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Andrew Youssef
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Monday, May 5

Cinco De Mayo: Mystic Roots
Why not enjoy a little reggae this fine Cinco de Mayo? Try to clock out early from work and head to Fullerton's Slidebar Rock n Roll Kitchen for a free evening show from Mystic Roots, the Chico-based reggae/hip-hop/rock band (and iTunes Reggae chart-toppers). Relax with heavily-poured cocktails, lively rock music inspired by island living, and California sun--maybe keep the beer Mexican at least. (Erin DeWitt)

Tuesday, May 6

In the Valley Below
The Constellation Room
Los Angeles Duo In The Valley Below have a harmonious union between their two members Jeffrey Jacobs and Angela Gail, so it's surprising to know that the two only got to know each other fairly recently; according to the group, both met years into their adulthood from mutual social circles after Gail moved to LA from Michigan. Their separate musical upbringings have united to form a soulful collaboration characterized by a lush, melodic pop sound and soft vocals. But listen deeper past the danceable nature of their music and you'll be entranced by the lyrics as they sing emotional songs about love, heartbreak and, in their own words, "sex, crime and religion." But hey, they still keep it light and fun, which you'll be able to see tonight when they play The Constellation Room in Santa Ana. (Aimee Murillo)

Wednesday, May 7

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
The Observatory
Known for its revolving door of musicians over the years, the Brian Jonestown Massacre's one constant force is singer Anton Newcombe. The Newport Beach-native, whose behavior (which, in the past, included drug issues, fights with audiences and a legendary feud with the Dandy Warhols) is as legendary as the band's musical output. Sonically, BJM is known for its aurora of shoegaze-meets-neo psychedelica. The group's first local show in years, this Observatory appearance is one of only three American headlining dates for 2014. With a new album, Revelation, slated to release later this month, there should be a heavy dose of material showcased for the first time tonight. (Daniel Kohn)

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