The Best Music Videos at Newport Beach Film Festival

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Music videos are hardly ever considered in the same vein as short films, but with the upscale production value and high concepts behind music videos today, it's foolhardy to consider them otherwise. The music video showcase happening tonight on what is the conclusion of Newport Beach Film Festival does something that's unheard of, which is to consider the music video as an elevated art form.

While you might be guffawing at the thought of seeing on the big screen what you'd already see on a computer, consider that here you won't be subjected to Vevo's annoying ads or a viewer comment board, or the hundreds of possible interruptions you'd encounter at home (like the dreaded wi-fi disconnection). Plus, you'll be able to know the actual names of the directors behind each vid. 

Here are five music video picks from tonight's showcase to check out at Newport's Triangle theater.

5. Capital Cities- "Kangaroo Court" (Carlos Lopez Estrada)

I don't even like Capital Cities, but the concept for the video is funny and dark, with their track "Kangaroo Court" effectively syncing its tone with the group's layers of gloomy synth.

Here we explore an alternate world of half-human half-animal hybrids living in a highly discriminating world against zebras, for reasons unknown. Our hero, a zebra-man just wants to dance and have fun, and the video takes some comedic- darkly comedic- twists, heightened by Lopez Estrada's wild imagination.

4. Childish Gambino- "3005" (Hiro Mural)

The girl in me will always be into whatever Donald Glover produces, though it's not hard to like his artistic output whether its music, comedy, or acting. The video for his song "3005" features Glover/Childish Gambino sitting on a ferris wheel ride next to a large, slow-moving teddy bear for the entirety of the video, with the camera occasionally pulling away and slowly panning in different directions to capture different angles, eventually panning back to Childish Gambino and his bear. On first watch, your focus is always on Childish Gambino, but keep your eyes peeled on other things in the video (hint, the bear, the background, etc.) Seeing this video on the big screen, you'll probably have a better chance to scope out some of those not-so obvious Easter eggs.

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