What We Learned From Lightning in a Bottle

Brian Erzen / LA Weekly
LIB's 2014 Lightning Stage

Lightning in a Bottle
San Antonio Recreation Area
May 22nd - 24th

Over Memorial Day Weekend, our Do LaB friends hosted their first Lightning in a Bottle outside of Southern California at the San Antonio Recreation Area in Bradley, California. Though there were plenty of new aspects to the fest this year, the basics of the five-day event remained intact: eclectic music, arts, hippie culture and the presence of some of the most creative people on the planet.

We made the trek out to what seemed like the middle of nowhere and like most camping events, there were lots of struggles. Besides the usual LA traffic on a holiday weekend and a normal flat tire, the process of getting out there definitely required some zen-like patience. Getting our car stuck in a sand pit at the festival grounds trying to find parking and then waiting hours for a tow truck driver who got stuck himself trying to get a car out of a ravine wasn't even the half of it. When the weather wasn't freezing our toes at night or scorching our shoulders during the day, Burning Man-caliber winds were blowing our tent away. But thanks to the beautiful people of LIB, our unprepared asses were taken in by an awesome group of campers who were more than willing to teach us how to survive out here. This is what we learned.

Brian Erzen / LA Weekly
Yogi Heaven

Take Care of Your Body

From 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., LiB offered yoga classes at the Temple of Consciousness and near campground 2. The classes varied from meditation, Bhakti Vinyasa flow, detox through twists, to hoop dancing and Burlesque. After dancing your ass off until sunrise, walking through the extreme terrain and not getting much sleep because of the early morning heat, this was the perfect way to give yourself a little me time. Be kind to your body and prepare for the next day. Or as some instructors said, "prepare for real life."

Alejandra Loera / OC Weekly
Sexy Drinks

Hydrate Despite the Holiday

When it comes to big party weekends like Memorial Day, we didn't expect to be drinking greens and fruits all weekend instead of booze--but we liked it. The excitement of festivals, arts, music and even self expression takes you away into another world and in most cases you don't even really need alcohol. But hydration was key. Yes that nice cold New Belgium beer was always extremely refreshing, but so were the fresh juices at the Giggle Juice Cafe. Our favorite was watermelon with a little lime and mint. After three days of exhaustion it felt like an oasis in your mouth.

Courtesy of The Confluence and Juliana Bernstein
Tara Brooks at the Woogie Stage

Follow the Music

With the way the stages were set up (through ditches and stairs that felt miles apart), that one act you wanted to see on the Lightning Stage may seem out of reach sometimes. But if you followed the music as you wandered around the village, you eventually found something amazing to listen to that might even distract you from whatever main event was happening elsewhere. Our favorite was getting lost at the Woogie Stage which offered shaded areas, misters and some of the wildest, loving and eccentric people we have ever meet. With artists as big as Claude Vonstroke and Behrouz to Pumpkin and Tara Brooks our dancing feet never stopped moving.

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