Iggy Azalea Fan Art, You Really Must Own

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GeorgiaFrancesArt on etsy
We're still chuckling over this humorous Jimmy Kimmel Live skit that aired last week, during which Kimmel translates the lyrics to Iggy Azalea's 'Fancy' into layman's terms:

Side note: We wonder what director Amy Heckerling would have to say about Azalea's Clueless-inspired (AKA: blatant recreation) music video for "Fancy."

The Aussie-born rapper just performed at The Observatory in Santa Ana on May 14. In case you're already having withdrawals, here is some of the best Iggy Azalea fan art on Etsy.

The Iggy Azalea drawing by GeorgiaFrancesArt (above) would make a great ad for Forever21.

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AllanahClaire on etsy
Iggy Azalea is larger than life in this original 50x40 painting by AllanahClaire. The artist even offers a video of her creating this painting.

HNIllustration on etsy
This Iggy Azalea Print by HNIllustration has 'Miami' written all over it. Work those palm trees, girl!

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