Die Antwoord Discusses Persona and Fans, In Illustrated Form

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Jena Ardell
Here's a fun 'trick' you can do on a blind date to gauge whether or not you'll be compatible with your match. (This experiment will only work if your date is not already familiar with Die Antwoord):

Step 1: Talk about music. Show your date 'I Fink U Freeky' by Die Antwoord.
Step 2: Observe his or her reaction to the video and song. Initial signs of squeamishness are normal. Give your date a few minutes to digest the song and, before you know it, he or she will be singing along to the chorus. This person passes the test. Go on a subsequent date. However, if he or she refuses to watch the entire music video once you begin playing it because he or she finds it disgusting or "too weird," reconsider your compatibility with this person. Who wants to date a wuss with bad taste in music?!
Step 3: If all goes well, invite your date to see Die Antwoord perform at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood on May 29.
Step 4: Get Freeky.
You're welcome.

Here's what the outspoken, badass duo from South Africa had to say about their persona and fans. Quotation in the illustration above via spin.com.

Jena Ardell

--via rollingstone.co.za

Jena Ardell

--via interviewmagazine.com

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