Black Keys Fan Art, You Really Must Own

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The Black Keys have returned! The band performed "Fever" and "Bullet in the Brain" on SNL last Saturday. The tracks are from Turn Blue, the band's latest studio album which dropped this week. The album was co-produced by Danger Mouse and contains more keyboard than previous albums.

Dan Auerbach recently produced Lana Del Rey's upcoming album, Ultraviolence. The two met in New York, weren't very familiar with each other's music, and wound up working on Del Rey's album for two weeks. Auerbach credits Del Rey for influencing him to create more personal lyrics, as heard on Turn Blue.

Auerbach raved about Del Rey during a recent interview: "She sang live with a seven-piece band," he told Rolling Stone. "That's the whole record - a seven-piece band with her singing live. It was crazy."

To celebrate the release of Turn Blue, we've curated a collection of the best Black Keys fan art on etsy.

We're in love with 'The Boys With The Broken Halos', a limited edition print by TRAVISBRAUN on etsy (above).

HeroDesignStudio on etsy

One-of-a-Kind, hand-silkscreened Black Keys test print by HeroDesignStudio. Better act fast; according to the seller, their original Black Keys print sold out in minutes and has been sold out since 2010.

GroundUpPress on etsy

Signed and numbered, limited edition print by GroundUpPress. The best part about the internet (besides free porn) is instant access to photos from that 2008 show at the Wiltern.

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