10 Unforgettable People at Lightning in a Bottle

Mary Grace Cerni
By: Mary Grace Cerni

Lightning in a Bottle isn't like many music festivals, where the main focus is on the performers. No, at LiB, your fellow attendees are just as as integral to the experience.

Over the weekend, food snobs, hardcore ravers, all-around eccentrics, and many more walked the grounds of the Lake San Antonio Recreation Area. Here are 10 unforgettable people.

10. The guy who was fed up with all the hills (above)
Lightning in a Bottle's new location had much to offer, but it was difficult and annoying to move from place to place due to the hills, rocks, and sheer expanse of the space. Though there were stairs in particularly steep areas, this guy didn't think there were enough, and took the opportunity to fashion a sign expressing his opinion.

Mary Grace Cerni
9. These vegan ladies
The hemp milk smoothie these two certified holistic nutritionists created during their talk at LiB's Learning Kitchen was about a thousand times more delicious than it sounds. Who knew hemp plants had utters?

Mary Grace Cerni
8. The guy who sold a penis vibrator
"Guess what I traded for these glasses?" asked this guy, who said his name was his name was Professor Periwinkle. "A penis vibrator thingy." He'd done some expert negotiating at The General Store, a frontier-themed shop that uses the barter system.

Mary Grace Cerni
7. This father-son pair
So. Freakin. Cute.

Mary Grace Cerni
6. The crystal healer
She carried different types of crystals and metals to benefit from their healing properties. After explaining this she embraced me tenderly. Turns out there were crystals in her pockets and she was happy to see me.

Mary Grace Cerni
5. This guy
Most ravers sit on the dusty ground to receive their light shows, but this guy sat in a folding chair. He really seemed to be enjoying himself.

Mary Grace Cerni
4. The guy who fixed my tent
Sure, he couldn't explain why he wasn't wearing shoes, but he was adamant about hammering back in my metal tent spokes that were uprooted in high winds. He also told me not to worry about the Calisoga Spider I found in my tent. (I slept in my car that night anyway).

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