Your Favorite Rappers Reimagined as Food

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In a world where food can be just as important to a person's livelihood as music, the two undoubtedly share some characteristics that can reflect exactly what our favorite artists mean to us when compared to our favorite eats. Rappers, known for their boisterous personalities make it easier to draw lines between these essentials. And whether you're listening to your favorite album or scarfing a meal, both activities are best experienced while you have a little buzz going. So, if you're not already faded, take a hit, take a bite, and take a look at your favorite rappers in their edible forms.


Childish Gambino: Pho
This bowl of stuff with vegetables and other garnishing on the surface is the stuff that most hip-hop fans wouldn't blink an eye at but then get a taste and realize that this mixture of hot (flows) and its ability to leave you with something (tasty, spicy broth), makes for a great listen of authentic music as real as Phong, you waiter's accent. "Asian girls everywhere; UCLA"


YG: Collared Greens w/ Sugar & Louisiana Hot Sauce
Not many people have heard of it ,but those who have, especially those in the hood, love it. It'll take some time to cook up into its best form--analogically the time it took for the artist to progress from the guy on "Toot It and Boot It" to the beast on "Who Do You Love." But when it's ready, like MKL ready, there aren't many other items at the cookout (Library), you'd want on your plate (playlist). Warning: though not to be confused with Mustard or Chronic greens, together, they all make one hell of a medley.

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