The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

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Bad Suns
Constellation Room
LA band Bad Suns is a pop machine--they're a quartet of teen-to-twenty-somethings with members who've been playing music since before puberty, and on their new Transpose EP (on SoCal pop-punk-indie label Vagrant) they're writing songs equally inspired by the best of the alt-radio '80s and the hookiest hits of the '00s and '10s. Franz Ferdinand and Flock of Seagulls? A-ha and Foster The People? Sure, all this and more--singer Christo Bowman has an elastic voice dedicated specifically to discovering something you can sing along with, and his bandmates back him up with songs that would be summer hits already--except it's only April. But get ready to hear Bad Suns everywhere you go sometime soon anyway. (Chris Ziegler)

Friday, April 11

Constellation Room
The Oakland based self-proclaimed splatter thrash band Ghoul keep alive a tradition started by the late great Oderus Urungus of GWAR. The band uses horror movie imagery, costumes made of blood rags, saws and killer robots in a wild stage show, deviant characters, and the musical backdrop of hardcore crossover thrash that never fails to get a slam pit going, along with kids crowd surfing and stage diving into the mayhem. Ghoul is never a disappointment live, and is sure to destroy the Constellation Room at this appearance. Also appearing at this show in the Constellation Room will be politically charged crossover misfits from Richmond, Virginia, Iron Regan, and the darker riffs of Occultist and local LA based grindcore band ACxDC. (Alex Distefano)

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