Spice Girls Fan Art That Is Just Awful

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hobbittownjewelry on etsy
Media outlets were quick--perhaps a little too quick--to announce the Spice Girls would be touring with the Backstreet Boys this spring, but that is not entirely true. The Backstreet Boys will be embarking on a North American and Canadian tour with Avril Lavigne, but the Spice Girls aren't on the bill. Even if the Spice Girls agree to join, we suspect they will be Posh-less. Victoria Beckham shared these thoughts on the last Spice Girls reunion with Vogue Paris in December 2013:

"I realized it was finished for good in 2008, when we reformed for our reunion tour. It should have been the best moment of my life, but I just wanted to be elsewhere."

Ouch. Who wouldn't want to be hanging out with girls you never seemed to fit in with?!

To make the disappointment of this announcement a little easier, we found some of the worst Spice Girls fan art on Etsy.

Sporty Spice hair bow by hobbittownjewelry shown above.

JordanFeesArt on etsy
Maybe this is what the Spice Girls look like after you drink a few ginormous glasses of wine. Hand-painted wine glass by JordanFeesArt.

This artist probably would have earned more money had she sold the Spice Girl dolls instead. Head band by GOOGLEGIRLFRIEND.

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