Smashing Pumpkins Fan Art, You Really Must Own

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Artsyndrome on etsy
The Smashing Pumpkins may be a defunct band who endured one of the messiest band breakups to date, but their music perforates the airwaves as often as it did in 1993.

The band will reissue their fourth LP, 1998's Adore, in a six-disc box set, featuring Bob Ludwig-remastered version of the album, as well as a live DVD from the band's 1998 tour and three discs (yes, three!) of unreleased material.

Fans can also rejoice, knowing that Billy Corgan will be releasing a new experimental solo album dubbed AEGEA. The album will have a limited edition of 250 press copies, each edition hand numbered by Corgan himself.

Feel free to browse our curated collection of Smashing Pumpkins fan art from etsy while you wait for the album releases.

Those eyes will 'Disarm' you. Instant download or print versions are available of this Billy Corgan portrait by Artsyndrome (above).


If this were a book cover, we'd totally read the book. Spaceboy's Mellon Collie Dream limited edition print by TRAVISBRAUN.

allanburch on etsy

Nobody does stripes like Billy Corgan. Limited edition print by allanburch.

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