Revolver Golden Gods Awards - Club Nokia - April 23, 2014

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Timothy Norris
Revolver Golden Gods Awards
Club Nokia
April 23, 2014

Club Nokia in Downtown LA was filled to capacity on Wednesday night, as masses of fans and industry insiders gathered for the fifth annual Revolver Golden Gods Awards, a show dedicated to all things hard rock and heavy metal, organized by Revolver Magazine along with VH1.

The four hour live event was hosted by Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson, from That Metal Show, and included a plethora of night that was full of list some of Metal's biggest names, along with fellow head banging movie stars and comedians, athletes, including Alice Cooper, Tony Iommi, Scott Ian, Dee Snyder, Ace Frehley, Dave Navarro, Tony Hawk, Bam Margera, Nicholas Cage, Carmen Electra, and many others.

For diehard thrashers, the highlight of the show came early on, as Slayer made an unannounced appearance after the first presenter, Marilyn Manson, who brought back the darker vibe from his Antichrist Superstar era of the late '90s. Slayer paid homage to the late great guitarist Jeff Hanneman, who died almost exactly one year ago, and ripped through three songs: "War Ensamble," "South of Heaven," and a new song (the first in 5 years) "Implode." Although the band's set was short, the energy in the air for each song was palpable, but the intensity never made it to the full level of violence or mayhem that a typical Slayer would result in.

Too bad that the next live performance came from Florida based pop punk/metal core hybrid, A Day To Remember, which unfortunately failed to connect with the audience, despite the few fans in the very front. Perhaps these guys should not have played directly after Slayer.

Timothy Norris
Since the event was being broadcast live, throughout the night the timing of each performer and award presenters were a bit off, with awkward moments of silence or commercials being played on big screens filling the empty time between.

The awards part of the ceremony brought many upsets, which even the presenters, and winners seemed to acknowledge, but all in all it was a positive vibe, and no one left feeling they were robbed, because after all the night was an all encompassing tribute to all heavy metal, old and new.

When Five Finger Death Punch bass player Chris Kael won the Paul Gray Best Bass Player Award, (named after the late Slipknot bass player), he immediately asked the crowd, "Are you guys high?? Best beard in metal, maybe, but best bass player?? Geezer Butler!!"

Scott Ian from Anthrax and NCIS star Pauley Perrette presented best comeback of the year, and Ian was visibly surprised and shocked that Black Sabbath or Carcass lost to Deep Purple, in a moment that was parallel to when Jethro Tull won the Grammy Award over Metallica, in 1991. 'I want everyone to know we didn't have any decision with this," he told the crowd after the winner was announced.

Making their North American live debut, Southern California's Suicide Silence performed with their new lead singer Eddie Hermida, formerly from All Shall Perish. This was the band's first live appearance in this country, after the tragic death of original singer Mitch Lucker in 2012. Fans ate up the energy Suicide Silence brought, and everyone could feel aggression and emotion in the death metalcore band's short set, which included "You Only Live Once" and "No Pity For A Coward." and a new song, on a new album that will be released this summer, called "You Can't Stop Me."

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