RAC - The Observatory - April 9, 2014

Photo by Brenda Wong
The man himself
The Observatory
April 9, 2014

How does one of the most prolific and talented remix producers working today go on a live tour? He grabs his MacBook, a magical music box, and finds a keyboardist, bassist and drummer and takes them all on the road.

André Anjos, better known as the man behind RAC (formerly the Remix Artist Collective) played the Observatory last night in support of his new album, Strangers, which was released last week. It was his second time playing at the Observatory in less than a year, but his first in the main room as his last trip to Orange County for some reason saw him playing the Constellation Room after multiple sold out shows in LA.

Photo by Brenda Wong
Keyboardist and occasional vocalist Pink Feathers
Despite the computerized nature of most RAC tracks, the night started like any other rock show, with Joywave and Ghost Beach opening. The two NY-state-based acts have been supporting RAC for the latest chunk of their tour, and warmed the growing early Wednesday night crowd with slowly building sets of mellow but danceable indie rock.

Early attendees were mostly concert newcomers, probably at their first shows, older fans who haven't been to a concert in awhile, or high schoolers with nothing to better to do than showing up early. As the night grew later, the crowd evolved into a mix of every Orange County concert going stereotypes you can name, from the obnoxious South County schoolers and bro-tanked "ravers" to the young Asian professionals and chipsters.

At about 10:30 p.m., RAC took the stage.

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