LA Food and Beer Dominate Coachella

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Colin Young-Wolff
More and more each year, Los Angeles--the bands, the people, the fashion--comes to dominate Coachella's aesthetic and vibe. It has become the way the LA scene puts its best foot forward playing host for international scenesters and lookers on.

This year, for the first time ever, Coachella allowed Los Angeles restaurant and craft beer makers to set up pop-ups on Empire Polo Grounds, furthering the "everything LA" feel of the festival. "You go to SXSW, you see all your friends from LA... you come here, and all the beer is from LA," jests KCET's Drew Tewksbury at the Terrace craft beer garden Saturday evening. A keen observation.

Here's a little taste of some of the hottest menu items Coachella has to offer this year.

Colin Young-Wolff
The mac & cheese empanadas by the Semi Sweet Bakery were flying off the stand weekend one--a scrumptious salty-sweet stoner snack available in the Rose Garden VIP area.

Colin Young-Wolff
The pork belly chips from Beer Belly is like an order of bacon, but better. The paleo way to snack. The stand is located in the re-vamped Terrace area.

Colin Young-Wolff
If you're feeling the pork belly, but want to go a little bigger, the Sticky Icky Berkshire Pork Belly at the Stripped Back pop-up is the answer. Ooh-wee.

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