Nirvana's Best Underrated Songs

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It's hard to imagine, if not impossible, to wonder what Kurt Cobain would be doing today. When I first got word on April 7, 1994 that the singer, who was well on his way to reluctantly becoming a rock icon, was found dead in his Seattle home, I was in utter disbelief. For any person who grew up during the '90s, Cobain's suicide moved the needle in a way that's still impacts the world. With the Internet not what it is today, his death was something that didn't break instantaneously, but instead, trickled out through reports and via nightly news. There was something simpler about that era, which seems impossible to fathom in the world of Twitter. Many mark April 5 as the day to remember Cobain, which is true, but I mark April 7, since no one can really pinpoint the day he actually killed himself. Over the weekend, Muse and St. Vincent paid their respects by playing Nirvana covers at their respective shows. Though I highly doubt any of you would want to hear me sing, I'll pay my respect the best way I can: by celebrating Nirvana's most underrated songs.

5. You Know You're Right: Released in 2003 as part of the greatest hits package, this is the last known Nirvana song to be recorded and offers a potential glimpse into Cobain's songwriting mindset before the band went on tour in 1994. It's dark, brooding and heavy--and it makes you wonder what might have been.

4. Polly: Lyrics about rape was something that was reflected in a bunch of Nirvana's songs, but this is the darkest of them all, with apologies to "Rape Me." If the graphic nature of Cobain's words doesn't horrify you, then, well, you're a stronger person than I.

3. Breed: Explosive and dynamic are the only words you can describe this fireball of a track. There isn't a moment to catch your breath before the machine gun fire of Cobain's guitar, the tenacity of Dave Grohl's drumming and Krist Novoselic's thunderous bass lines kick into gear. The song was never a single, but remains one the band's best.

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Not a bad list considering you only chose five. I would swap Drain You in there some where. It was Cobain's favorite song from Nevermind. I never cared much for You Know You're Right. Also one song that they never actually recorded in the studio (that we know of), "Talk to Me" is one of Cobain's best songs.


1 is so good! No Bleach? School, Mr Moustache, Scuff, Negative Creep needs to be on here, as well as On A Plain, Pennyroyal Tea, Scentless Apprentice, Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle, Molly Lip's, Sliver, Beeswax, Lounge Act, Terriotial Pissings, Dumb, Radio Friendly Unit Shifter, Very Ape, Milk It, Floyd the Barber, Paper Cuts, Mexican Seafood, Swap Meet, Where Did You Sleep Last Night?, Aero Zeppelin, Turnaroud, Hairspray Queen, Something In The Way, Endless, Nameless, Meat Puppets melody, Tourette's, Big Cheese, Stay Away, New Wave, etc.  

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