Kevin & Bean's April Foolishness - Shrine Auditorium - April 5, 2014

Chris Victorio
Kevin & Bean's April Foolishness
Shrine Auditorium

On Saturday, Kevin and Bean's April Foolishness brought a cavalcade of badass comics to the Shrine Auditorium, including Jim Jefferies, Patton Oswalt, Tim Minchin and more.
When you have an all-star comedy line-up, a ton of alcohol consuming fans, and attach a couple of super causes to it, you're sure to have nothing short of spectacular. DJ/VJ Mike Relm was on wax and video duty and once again, he killed it. Mad skills Mike. Mad. Fucking. Skills. After a hysterical video intro from Jimmy Kimmel, Kevin and Bean hit the stage and the wild crowd became even louder cheering the boys on as they thanked everyone for coming out. They shouted out the comics that would be entertaining us all and let us know that proceeds from the night would be benefiting Fisher House (that provides homes for VA's) and Cedars-Sinai NICU. Laughing is great but when you pair laughing and a charitable cause together, you have even more to be grateful for. And let it be known, everyone sure did seem grateful for the night ahead.

Chris Victorio

Patton Oswalt was first up and immediately thanked all of the "charitable drunks" and compared the audience to a "sea of winos." He was spot on too, everyone was pretty sauced. His set was amazing with stories about his daughter Alice, visiting his folks and how he loves them with "benefits," losing three pounds and attempting to not be shamed by wanting John Varvatos pants although they are made for "heroin addicts who eat one rice cake a year," and how "swabbed my folds" would be a great name for obese porn. (You had to be there on that last one I'm sure.) He also mentioned that he saw the movie Frozen five times in the theatre and then broke into that annoying song from the movie, "Let it Go." I swear to you, Patton knew every god damn word and when he started skipping around the stage while belting it out, the crowd went insane.

Chris Victorio

KROQ's Lisa May (who looked better than ever) came out to introduce last minute addition (in lieu of Marc Maron) Reggie Watts and he came out with high energy head banging that giant fro of his all around. Screams of, "Awwww yeah, Reggie!" were shouted out solidifying that KROQ made the correct choice with the replacement act. While Reggie is a master with his vocals via beat boxing, his comedy is more of an intellectual mind fuck. Unfortunately, his set may have fallen a little short on some of the unruly crowd members that clearly weren't in the mood for doing any actual thinking. A few "hecklers" shouted out but since Reggie is the man, he shut them down with ease as the rest of the eager crowd cheered with delight. My personal hope is that Reggie does in fact do this show again because there were plenty of fans (including myself) that were all in and loved every minute of him gracing the stage with his presence.

Chris Victorio
The incomparable Mr. Ralph Garman came out to an explosion of cheers and brought Taylor Williamson to the stage who was making his April Foolishness debut. He was well received by the crowd looking dapper in a suit with tie mentioning, "I may be a little overdressed. Everyone is dressed like they live on skid row and I'm dressed like Peewee Herman." He went into a set that would have never flown on "America's Got Talent" but that included his hate for the Japanese (Calm down people, it's only because he lost to one on AGT), what it's like to be a loser on a reality show, and how he's half Jewish but that he is in fact circumcised because "he's classy." He ended his set with a few "impressions" (and I use the term "impressions" loosely) and was given a standing ovation by more than several people. Taylor may have come in second place on AGT but to this crowd, he deserved a first place win because he seriously killed it! Well done rookie!

Chris Victorio
Following Williamson, Jim Jefferies came out and the people in the Shrine went absolutely ape shit. I mean, Jefferies pretty much got a standing ovation just walking out! Now that Jefferies is the father of a little boy named Hank, his set ranged from how he hopes it not illegal that his son slapped his cock (because he laughed and told everyone), how he doesn't want a father's day gift because it's bought with his own money, and how having a dog is more stress-free than having a baby because if the dog dies while your girlfriend is at work, it's a lot easier to replace it without them knowing. He also mentioned that there should be a holiday called "Anal Sex Day" because if women have Valentines Day, men should have that. Hilarious.

Chris Victorio
Adam Carolla was fifth up and immediately thanked Mike Relm for, "playing that awesome music that I fucking hate." Classic. Speaking of classic, he reminisced on how it was to the day, the 20th anniversary of the first time he was ever on KROQ with Kevin and Bean. Pretty awesome. In between name dropping (a lot), Carolla told the fans an epic story of how he accompanied Natalie Maines (of the Dixie Chicks) to the Grammys at the Shrine. He went to say that afterwards, Jimmy Kimmel played a prank on him by sending him a slew of deliveries from "Natalie" to thank him for going to the Grammys with her....which lead him to call her and tell her how he had a girlfriend and that he wasn't interested in her advances. She of course had no idea what the fuck he was talking about. Awkward! Adam is a master of storytelling and he once again proved it to us all this evening.

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