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Daniel Kohn
Since they first met on the Greek island of Crete five years ago, Grouplove have steadily become one of the fastest rising indie pop bands. The group known for songs like "Tongue Tied," "Ways to Go" and "Colours" performed a late-afternoon set on the main stage. As they've zigzagged the country and played festivals home and abroad, the band has figured out who they are sonically as well honing their live show. We had access to the band both before and after their Coachella set, and here's what happened (with photos of course).

Daniel Kohn
2 hours before showtime: Grouplove spent this past week in the studio recording a track for a movie soundtrack. Drummer Ryan Rabin, who handles most of the group's production duties, was hard at the work on the final mix until the wee hours before they headed to Indio. On the band's tour bus, he's puts the final touches before playing the song for his bandmates.

Daniel Kohn
1 hour 45 minutes before showtime: Singer Hannah Hooper shows the swag she received from a retailer. She also shares an anecdote about someone fans may be surprised to learn is a friend and fan: Miley Cyrus. Apparently the "Wrecking Ball" singer not only shared some herbal refreshments with the group, she has some of the best product out there.

Daniel Kohn
1 hour 15 minutes before showtime: Along with manager Nicky Berger, the band hashes out the final set list before leaving the bus for the backstage area. There is some debate over whether or not "Raspberry" should be included on today's list. It wins out. Singer Christian Zucconi explains that they need to carefully mold the set based on a number of factors, including taking into account time of day, weather and the like.

25 minutes before showtime: The quintet pose for portraits before walking the 50 yard walk to the main stage. They talk with friends and among themselves about anything except the set. Confident, the band hopes the crowd is as strong as the week before.

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