Duane Peters Pleads Guilty in Domestic Violence Case

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Duane Peters pleaded guilty yesterday to a domestic violence charge involving a run-in with his live-in girlfriend at their Long Beach home. Superior Court Judge Laura Laesecke immediately sentenced Peters, 52, to a one-year domestic violence counseling program, 60 days of community service and five years of probation.

Sounds like he got off pretty light, though he was also ordered to stay away from the woman for 10 years, according to the District Attorney's Office. Peters originally entered a plea of not guilty when he was charged with one felony count of willful infliction of corporal injury in late February. Neighbors intervened after hearing a commotion shortly before midnight Feb. 7 and restrained Peters until police arrived. The woman suffered moderate injuries, according to authorities.

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Peters, an Orange County native, is known as the "Master of Disaster" in both punk and skateboarding circles. He has performed in many bands over the years, most notably the US Bombs and Die Hunns. As a skateboarder, Peters is credited with inventing several skate moves such as the "Acid Drop", "Indy Air" and being the first to land a specifically-designed 360 degree loop.

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Mellowdee Sugar
Mellowdee Sugar

Understand he has done "important" things...but so have other OC bands and OC skaters that DONT beat their women...lets focus on those guys while he hopefully gets his shit together. Everytime I have seen him live he is drunk and rambling..interrupting other bands....people just ignore his behavior like the embarrassing drunk uncle in the family....hopefully he gets his shit together like all the other sober headed tattooed talented bands in OC that treat women and children and their fellow brothers with respect ... @h2o @tsol

Ro Ar
Ro Ar

Who the hell is Duane Peters??

Louis Mata
Louis Mata

Great. The judge just signed her death warrant. Psychos like this need more than a restraining order.

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