Dave Attell is Bringing the Comedy Club Straight to Your House

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Brad Barket
I plan on coming out with new material and hitting the road as much as possible.
With a new special on Comedy Central called Road Work (that premiered April 12th) and a new series called Comedy Underground, Dave Attell is back with a bang and is darker, dirtier, and simply more tremendous than ever. Totally unedited (much like Dave), both shows were met with rave reviews and if that double dose of Attell wasn't enough for you (and how could it be?), you're in luck because this Friday and Saturday he'll be all up in our town headlining at the Brea Improv. Just for you (OK, and for us too because we LOVE this comic), we hit Dave up before his gig goes down to find out his thoughts on the new special and to get the scoop on his new series.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): I've watched Road Work four times already, it's truly fantastic. How long did it take you to film it?

Dave Attell: Oh, thanks. We shot over a couple of months with two shows at every club. It was the editing that took the longest. My poor editor Jeremy had to go through every twist and turn in my mind before we settled on anything. If we didn't settle on it, we'd still be editing it because I'm that kind of guy. If you look at the show, it was 10 days of shooting but like five or six months of editing.

I loved the concept of having someone in the audience hold a camera. It made you feel like you were really in the crowd. I mean, you were great too but that aspect was really cool.

I was a small part of it and I think the cameras were the stars. They need an audience camera award. [Laughs.] It's something that I wanted to do and giving them the cameras to hold was the most organic way to do it. That's the last time I use the word organic.

Organic? Wow, who are you? It was pretty bold of Comedy Central to let you get away with the content as well. Did you have to tickle some balls to make that happen?

[Laughs.] Yes and yes. I think they want comics to do specials the way we want to do them. Everyone knows that late-night TV used to be way cooler and way more adult. I think they're trying to give it a shot and I think that's why it's so important for them to have the Comedy Underground show. It's a place for them to have a late-night dirty show. It's no new fantastical idea, it's the same idea they've had a couple of other times but this time, it's uncensored and more hardcore punchline comedy. It's like a dying breed now. There's a lot more storytelling and other versions of comedy and a lot of that has to do with political correctness. People have kind of forgotten about the kind of comedy where there's a setup and punchline, you know?

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