Courtney Love Fan Art You Really Must Own

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jenaardell on etsy
Mrs. Courtney Love Cobain kept it classy at Nirvana's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony last Thursday.

"I have a big speech, but I'm not gonna say it," Love said. "We all start bands when we're kids and this is my family I'm looking at right now."

She later tweeted kind words to and about Krist Novelselic and a photo of the exact moment when the hatchet was buried between her and long-term adversary Dave Grohl...

@Courtney on twitter

Recently, Love retracted her announcement about reuniting and touring with the mid-90s lineup of Hole, whom she said were rehearsing new material. We only hope this idea becomes a reality. Here is some of the best Courtney Love fan art on etsy to enjoy while you wait for Hole to become whole again...

Snuggle up with a Courtney Love Pillow (above).

FirmeArte on etsy
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Cobain: the Patron Saints of Grunge Rock. Canvas art by FirmeArte.

gothcomic on etsy
An original painting of an original musician/model/actress. Mono a monochromatic painting by gothcomic.

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