#Couchella2014: A Curmudgeon's Guide to the Best Coachella Experience Ever

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Timothy Norris
•NO ART, NO POLO FIELD: Honestly, this is the only thing I really miss about Coachella now. (I kept texting my husband "What is that helix in the background?" "Where is the astronaut?") The large-scale installations are fantastic, and even the special items for sale in the Coachella boutique are not to be missed. Coachella used to be the only thing my friends and I talked about on Facebook ... now the only stories that get passed around are on "Coachella Drug and Band Pairings." No one even talks about the music anymore. And who needs bragging rights when you were at the original Pixies reunion in 2004?

So now I'm getting ready for Day 2 of #Couchella2014, which I can stream from my laptop, TV, iPad, or phone; from the bathroom, in my bedroom or with my kid on my lap. I can't wait. 

So this is what happens when you eliminate all the inconveniences at Coachella. No more neon, no more feathers in your hair, no heat, no dehydration, no $10 beer = A way better musical experience. Thank you Internet!!!

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